Ready to Win

I am excited to be seeking the nomination to be the NDP candidate in Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood in the next provincial election. Churchill-Wildwood is a riding that our party needs to win to move closer to government. It is riding where I feel that can make difference in politics by contributing to forming a Saskatchewan NDP government that will fight against economic inequality, improve democracy, and re-invest in social programs.

As my time as SK NDP President has illustrated, I have the experience, expertise, and energy to take back this riding for our party. I am ready to win.

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  • Professor of Political Studies at University of Saskatchewan
  • Former President of the Prairie Political Science Association
  • Author or Co-Author of over 25 academic books and articles
  • Over 700 media interviews as an expert on elections and campaigning
  • Written reports for think tanks such as Upstream and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  
  • Policy Fellow with the Broadbent Institute
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation.

Launching Remain Loyal: Social Democracy in Quebec and Saskatchewan

Election night 2016





  • Active in the NDP for 20 years as member of various riding executives and holding positions such as member-at-large on the Saskatchewan NDP Provincial Executive, member of the Saskatchewan NDP Provincial Council, member of the NDP Federal Council, Communications Director of the New Democratic Youth of Canada, and Vice-President of the Saskatchewan Young New Democrats. Served as President of the Saskatchewan NDP from 2016 to 2018.
  • President of York University Graduate Students’ Union and activist with the Canadian Federation of Students.
  • Long time labour activist with CUPE as a shop steward and Vice-President of Local 4600. Currently, executive member and chair of the political action committee of the Saskatoon & District Labour Council.
  • Helped newcomers integrate into Canadian society as a member of the Board of Directors of the Saskatoon Open Door Society and involved in civic politics as member of the City of Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • Encouraged women’s involvement in politics as a member of the executive of Equal Voice Saskatchewan and served as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Felix Le Chat Childcare Center in Saskatoon.
  • Recipient of the 2016 Labour Community Service Award given by the United Way of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon & District Labour Council.

1997 Saskatchewan Young New Democrat Convention

Citizenship test preparation class (2009)





Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood is part of the next tier of ridings that we have to win to form government. In the last election, we lost it by 934 votes. When I was President, the pundits said that we would not win the by-elections in Saskatoon Meewasin, Saskatoon Fairview, and Regina Northeast. But, with hard work, meeting lots of people on the doorstep, and using the latest campaign technology we beat the Sask Party by healthy margins and took back those seats for the NDP. Based on my experience in those by-elections, I have a three-point plan to win Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood.

  • Aggressive fundraising: We need money to compete with a Sask Party campaign that will be fueled by large corporate donations.  I will create a fundraising strategy to grow our overall number of donors to make sure that we have the money to match our opponents dollar for dollar.
  • Intensive door knocking: Studies by political scientists have proven over and over again that the best to way to persuade somebody to get out to vote for you is canvassing door to door. I promise to canvass several days a week leading up to the start of the election campaign and organize canvass blitzes to build an effective team of door-knockers who are ready to hit the ground running once the election is called.
  • Modern digital outreach: Social media is the next frontier in political campaigning. I will build the online infrastructure needed to identify our supporters and mobilize volunteers.

Saskatchewan NDP Provincial Council (2017)

Cypress Hills-Grasslands NDP Annual General Meeting (2017)


The NDP candidate for Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood in the next provincial election will be elected by all NDP members who reside in the riding who are in attendance at an upcoming nominating convention. The time, date, and location of the nominating convention has yet to be set.

I need the support of NDP members in Churchill-Wildwood to become the NDP candidate and win the riding back for our party.

To pledge your support for my candidacy, please fill out the form below.

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“I first met Dave when he was President of the Saskatchewan NDP, and as a young leader I’ve been fortunate enough to observe his leadership firsthand. He is a dynamic, smart and thoughtful leader who is passionate about building a better, stronger and healthier province. Along with the rest of the provincial executive, he worked hard to create our party’s first Indigenization Plan to ensure that our party took genuine and meaningful strides towards reconciliation. He is somebody who sees the value in every person’s perspective and I truly believe he would make an excellent MLA.”


“Through my work with the Saskatoon & District Labour Council, I got to see Dave in action as our Political Action Chair. He understands the issues facing working people and he will work tirelessly to represent the people of our riding. He is also plugged into lots of networks around town and definitely has the talent and ability to take back Churchill-Wildwood for the NDP!”


“I am endorsing Dave because I know that he represents the Saskatchewan values that I feel deeply about. I know where Dave stands on the huge education cuts we are experiencing and the need to combat climate change. David will stand behind initiatives that begin to tackle these important issues. Let’s put David in the Legislature to be our voice!”


“I know Dave from the Fransaskois community and as a professor at the U of S. His deep commitment towards improving this province for all Saskatchewanians is evident in his both his community and academic work. We need to do politics and public policy better in Saskatchewan. We need a stronger voice in Regina. As our candidate, Dave will win our riding to ensure that the NDP gets back into government. He has both the knowledge and experience to get the job done!”


“I have known Dave for over 20 years. We met first when he was Student Union President at York University and now we are colleagues in the Political Studies Department at St. Thomas More College. Dave is the type of academic I've long admired—he has always been committed to social activism in both his scholarship and his political activism. From his study of political marketing and many years of community involvement, he has knowledge and innovate ideas to be a passionate and committed MLA for Churchill-Wildwood.”


“Pope Francis is encouraging all of us to have a renewed relationship with the earth. David McGrane has been sitting on the city of Saskatoon environmental advisory committee for years. I have known Dave for a long time now through my work at STM. I am very impressed with Dave's ideas and his track record for service in the community around important issues. Dave's going to bring change and he's set to win Churchill-Wildwood for the NDP. I can't wait until he is my MLA!”


Please do not hesitate to contact me about any aspect of my campaign to become the NDP candidate for Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood in the next provincial election.